1 year!

Hi everyone,

A year ago I started this blog. I wanted to write letters for so long and I’m glad that I found the courage to start with this. I didn’t know that writing letters was so popular! My family and friends do not write (only for christmas and birthdays, but that does not count). So I’m happy that their are people who are still writing to each other.


But they are not just letters that I receive(d). Each letter is a little piece of art. And its so nice that people are taking time for this. There are so many creative people and I enjoy that because creativity makes you unique.

One year ago I never thought that I would write and receive so many letters. I like every single one of them and I’m very grateful for this. I hope that in 2014 I still have the time and the creativity to do it. But I’ll try because It makes me happy! : )




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