1 year!

Hi everyone, A year ago I started this blog. I wanted to write letters for so long and I’m glad that I found the courage to start with this. I didn’t know that writing letters was so popular! My family and friends do not write (only for christmas and birthdays, but that does not count). So I’m […]

I’m back!

Hi, I know it’s been too long that I post something. It was a very busy summer. But I’m back! And I wrote some letters to Yoojin, Blanca, Nina and Gwenaelle. They sent me beautiful letters so check their blog!! Sorry for the people who are waiting for a letter, I’m working on it : ) Loves […]

Letters (4)

Hi, again it took a wile to post something on my blog. I want to show you this letter that I send to Blanca. I made this ‘owl’ letter for her. (I’ve made the big owl in Illustrator) I hope she liked it : ) Loves Elise